Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk

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A Beautiful All in one Muslim App with multiple features of Muslim Prayer Times with Azan feature, Qibla Compass with Distance, Islamic Calendar, Hijri Date Converter, Near Mosque Finder, Multiple Tasbeeh, Counter, 5 Pillars of Islam, Quran in Multiple Languages, Daily Duas, 99 Names of Allah, Ramadan 2018 Times with Table view. With Almost 11 different features which helps all Muslim Brother and Sisters in daily life.

Prayer Times and Qibla app Features:

Prayers Times or Salat Times :
– Waktu Solat time of Fajr, Shrook, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha and midnight salah times.
– Automatic and Manual option to select place name.
– 200+ country list in app database to select country manually.
– Day Light Saving option to change time for each salat. Tap on time to set time value.
– Tap on Alarm icon to enable/disable salat alarm.
– Change the Azan Tune in settings or record your own Athan and save it in device as ringtone to use in app.
– Countdown to next namaz time at the top, Current Date with Islamic Date and Latitude and Longitude of place.

Qibla Compass :
– Accurate Compass app to Find Mecca Direction.
– Shows Kaaba distance in Km. and degree from particular place.
– FREE Multiple 15 Compass Dials Theme for Qiblah.
– Work Offline.

Al-Quran :
– Complete Holy Quran in Arabic.
– All 114 Surahs of the Al-Quran.
– Besides English, Quran Translation in Urdu, French, German, Persian, Malay, Spanish, Turkish and Indonesian is also included in application.

Islamic Calendar :
– Shows Islamic dates with English date in Same calendar.
– Get events of particular month.
– Shows Hijri and Gregorian Date at top of screen.

Islamic or Hijri Date Converter :
– Beautiful wheeler UI to select dates.
– Convert Gregorian date to Hijri date and vice versa.
– Shows Converting result, a moment you change date.

40 Hadith and Daily Duas :
– Collection of authentic statements of the Allah's Messenger.
– All Hadith in Arabic and Their English Meaning.
– Daily Duas for before and after for every work like e.g, sleeping, morning, eating etc.
– Duas in Arabic and English.

Tasbeeh counter :
– Keep tapping on + button and it will start to count, “-” will make count reverse.
– Add multiple counter by adding name and count limit.

Mosque Finder :
– Find any mosque near by your place and complete your namaz on time.
– Different distance radius to show mosques.
– Shows all mosques with name and distance from place in list.
– Click on mosque name to get direction.

Asmaul Husna :
– List of All 99 names of allah.
– 99 Allah names in Arabic language with English Meaning and full description to understand easily.
– Asmaul Husna Audio for each name.

Pillars of Islam :
– Shows Basic 5 Pillars in beautiful UI with pillars.
– Include complete description for each Pillar: Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Fasting and Hajj.
– Explained each pillar in details by dividing it in chapters.

Ramadan Times 2018:
– Imask, Suhoor and Iftar Times for Ramzan 2018.
– Whole Month Times Table View.

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– We have included all instruction about How to use this app. If you still face any problem we are happy to help you. please mail us. email your helpful suggestions and comments on the following address:
– Use Qiblah compass by using device on a flat surface to get accurate result. Make sure there is not any metal object or electromagnetic field close to device.


  • Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk
  • Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk
  • Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk
  • Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk
  • Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk
  • Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk
  • Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk
  • Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk
  • Islamic Prayer Times Pro v1.0 Apk

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